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My husband and I are very pleased and very satisfied with the obedience dog training course provided by Canine Authority. Our dog trainer Mr. Andy Luper is definitely the “top trainer and dog behaviorist in the field”! When he first met our dog

T-Bone (a 2 year old Australian Shepard), T-Bone was very aggressive towards him, almost like a fear aggression. My dog would not let the trainer near him and he was trying to bite him. By our last lesson it’s like a miracle happened. Now our dog T-Bone actually looked forward with working with our trainer. T-Bone has changed totally. He doesn’t bark and give that aggressive look anymore at people he doesn’t know. He’s more calmer outside and I continually work him daily in his obedience commands to keep him in line. He’s a pet now that I can enjoy. Mr. Andy Luper indeed is most professional and a loyal pet lover.

Debbie D.

“….went to a number of trainers, and Andy fixed the Problem with one correction!”
-G. Teller, Re: trained imported protection dog

Our training experience was wonderful!

Mochi was in desperate need of help. We were at our wits end. He was aggressive and we were afraid to keep him. I cannot believe how much he has improved! Mochi is now obedient and has learned so much! Andy has taught us how to control Mochi and how to become better owners. I cannot stress how close Mochi was to being given up. Andy has shown us the “good boy” in him. It’s amazing. I cannot believe the transformation in Mochi. Our dogs and our lives are definitely enriched because of Andy’s help. Thank You!

Mochi – Shiba Inu/Welsh Corgi, Male, 2yrs.
Daisy – Australian Cattle Dog Mix, Female, 1 yr.
Linda V.
Phoenix, Az

Dear Andy,
Now that everything is said and done and SUNSTROKE is in the can, I want to personally thank you for your helping us make our picture go as well as it did here on our Phoenix locations.
Working with animals anywhere is never a treat and I took a big chance by employing a “local” to do a job that might very well had gone to one of the trainers in LA that I’m more familiar with. Well, you didn’t disappoint me one bit. Musk performed beautifully and I thank you for making it almost painless!
I also have to commend you for bailing us out when we had to move the sequence up in our schedule. Your attitude and handling of that situation put you on my “A” list for the future….. Many thanks again!

Very truly yours,
Terry Donnelly
Co-Producer, “Sunstroke”
Scottsdale, Az

”Great Dog”
Actress Jane Seymour

The training experience was more than I expected in that JJ learned quicker than I expected. I had the same type of reaction as the people watching The Dog Whisperer like “I can’t believe you got my dog to behave so quickly… and I’ve been trying to do that for the past four years!!” Andy exceeded my expectations in the time JJ stayed at boot camp. I also appreciate the training I received and found out what I was doing wrong. Andy is calm, patient and willing to make sure I fully understood the concept so JJ and I both succeed.

Name: Nancy T Date: 7/25/08 Dogs name: JJ Breed: Sharpei Age: 4yrs Gender: M

Petsmart obedience class was unsuccessful at curbing our three year old Pit Mix’s aggression towards other dogs. No matter how hard or how often we tried, we just could not get Dayton to walk with a leash. Andy promised me he could do it and even boasted it would only take five minutes. He said the rest of the hour would be training me. I was skeptical, to say the least. I was in absolute shock- my jaw literally dropped- when Dayton was obeying Andy in LESS than five minutes. Andy threw the leash over his shoulder and Dayton followed Andy like he had been doing it for years! Best yet, I was doing it by the end of our session. Also, Dayton’s aggression disappeared when Andy taught us the right wat to handle our dog around other dogs. I can’t thank you enough Andy. We’ve been taking Dayton for walks and having so much fun. We don’t even worry when we come across another dog.

Name: Kelly C. Date:6/22/12 Dogs name: Dayton Breed: Pit mix Age: 3yrs Gender: M

Andy, you and Don are boss to me. When I dropped off my five month old puppy, which happens to be the Alpha bitch of the litter, I had no idea if she could be trained. After three weeks Don and you turned her into a puppy that could be controlled. I did a lot of homework before choosing you as my trainer, but when I saw you and Caesar (The Dog Whisperer) are friends and exchanged training ideas I knew I had found my trainer. She will be back for a heavy duty training session when she is one year old as we cant expect a puppy to learn what an older dog will do. See you then and thank you for being so great. You rock!

Name: Coary H. Baker Dogs name: Susan Age: five months Gender: F

First off I would like to say that our of the 50-100 dog trainers I called in Phoenix, Andy was the only one confident enough to say he could train my Dogo Argentino. My dog wanted to eat everyone who he came in contact with. I sent my dog to one other trainer before Andy, within 24hrs the trainer called me and said my dog needed to be put to sleep. Thank God I called Andy. He gave me the dog I have always dreamed of. Might I add that I am in the United States Marine Corps. Andy was flexible with my schedule and kept me informed of my dog’s progress while I was doing training. It kept me able to keep my mind on training instead of worrying about my dog. With this all said, I would recommend Andy above all other trainers. Especially with “Aggressive dogs” Andy IS THE BEST. I can now relax and enjoy life with my dogs instead of stressing. Thank you Andy and Don.

Name: Sgt. Justin Wardlow Dogs name: Buddha Breed: Dogo Age: 2yr Gender: M

The training experience was amazing! Andy and Don have done an amazing job with Keyser. I have never seen such a change within only a few weeks time. God bless Andy, he is a Godsend!

Name: Sandy Dogs name: Keyser Breed: German Sheppard Age: 1yr Gender: M

The training experience was unbelievable. I think I may have well behaved clones of my original dogs! Such a huge difference. Now I want to keep and enjoy them! Thanks Andy!

Name: Laurel Date: 3/11/14 Dogs name: Samson and Delilah Breed: Chih./Dawson Age: 6mo. Gender: M/F

Andy was fantastic! He taught Ranga (and me!) who was in charge. Ranger is much happier and I don’t have to worry about aggression, uncontrollability or tearing up the couch. I highly recommend Andy and his staff. I would bring another dog to them in a heartbeat!

Name: Janet H. Date: 10/08/07 Dogs name: Ranga Breed: German Sheppard Age: 10mo. Gender: M

The Beast as a puppy lived up to his name and was very aggressive with others and making me look like a rag doll when he was excited. Thanks to Andy the Great Dog Trainer he is now an obedient, polite host. This is also the second pup that Andy has trained for my and we would never use anyone that was less than the best for our canine family members. Love you lots Andy and team!

Name: Susan B. Date: 5/26 Dogs name: Beast Breed: German Sheppard Age: 6mo. Gender: M

The training experience was great! When we came to pick up Outlaw and Platinum it was like seeing new dogs! Wonderful! Their temperament was better and they are actually listening! Thanks Andy!

Name: Tommy T. Dogs name: Platinum and Outlaw Breed: Shep. & Malamute Age: 1yr Gender: F/M

The training experience was unbelievable! I never thought mine would be ready to go home in three weeks. Andy and Don worked wonders.

Name: Jammie B. Dogs name: Nino Breed: Wolf Age: 18mo. Gender: M

The change in Lucy was dramatic! When we left her with Andy she was afraid of everything and everyone. When we picked her up she was so confident she didn’t shy from anything. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone.

Name: Becky Date: 5/27 Dogs name: Lucy Breed: Chihuahua Age: 1yr Gender: F

The training experience was excellent. Our dog has completely changed from hyper-active to calm and obedient.

Name: Phil C. Date: 7/17/08 Dogs name: Keisha Breed: GSD Age: 8mo. Gender: F

Mikey is a different dog and that’s a good thing! Without this training, he would have killed someone and had to be put down himself. So, you saved his life and those of the neighborhood kids as well as our sanity.

Name: Michelle B. Date: 08/13 Dogs name: Mikey Breed: Neo Mastif Age: 1yr Gender: M

This has been just the best experience for our family and dog! Sparky is a very well behaved dog and we are a happier family. Don and Andy are great trainers and care takers. Thank you!

Name: Krista W. Date: 2/14/08 Dogs name: Sparky Breed: Boxer Age: 1yr Gender: M

This was an amazing experience. Bo was so scared and nervous when we brought him here. Bo wouldn’t even go near my husband, now he is sitting by him and letting him pet him. He also didn’t know any commands or know what a leash/walk was. Now he is following commands and is comfortable on a leash.

Name: Chris and Jeff Date: 10/13 Dogs name: Bo Breed: Lab Age: 8mo. Gender: M

The training experience was excellent. Complete turn around of Max. we are bery very pleased with Max’s training results and our new role as leaders in own new relationship with him. Much thanks to Andy and Don. We can’t thank you enough!

Name: Mark and Dorean M. Date: 06/04/08 Dogs name: Max Breed: German Sheppard. Age: 4yr Gender: M

Our babies were young pups mentally- which was because of the way I treated them. The training experience both in our home and at the Canine academy taught our dogs and myself how to be productive with each other and respect the roles within the family unit.

Name: Paula A. Date: 06/10/07 Dogs name: Baby Girl and Socrates Breed: Amer B-dog Age: 9mo. Gender: F/M

The training experience was amazing! So well trained and I am so impressed!

Name: Scott Date: 04/13 Dogs name: Sam Breed : German Sheppard Age: 1yr Gender: F

What a great job! Tank has improved so much! I know that I have control of my big, tuff dog. Thank you for everything!

Name: Misti C. Date: 03/23/08 Dogs name: Tank Breed: Pitbull Age: 2yr Gender: M

The training experience was excellent. I was like a different dog. Training the owner session was as important as training the dog. Great job!!!

Name: Ceoff M. Date: 10/09/06 Dogs name: Marino Breed: Boxer Age: 1yr Gender: M