See what our satisfied clients have to say about our methods:

Review added by Bill Fee (08-28-2012)
I would highly recommend Andy. He made my hyper active 10 month old deaf Dalmatian ‘Molly’ into a well behaved calm dog. Molly is now very obedient while still being happy & loving. Bill Fee (

Review added by M. T. (06-14-2012)
My Golden Doodle puppy was transformed from an undisciplined dog into a dog that obeyed commands, heeled properly and enjoyed the discipline.

Review added by Bruce & Nancy Valley (06-04-2012)
Our family placed two nine-month old black mini schnauzers with Andy Luper for eight days. The results were far beyond any reasonable expectation. Andy trained our dogs to answer every aspect of our concerns — from barking to chewing to jumping on people — but, foremost, to display good manners while on a leash. Now, two months later, it is obvious that all these positive changes are permanent (though, as Andy had carefully noted, they all need regular reinforcement). Our gratitude knows no bound.
Bruce & Nancy Valley

Review added by Kelli Hammonds (05-17-2011)
What a difference a good dog trainer makes with a not so obedient dog. Andy made all the difference in the world with our dogs. Molly was hyper active and not obedient at all,now she is such a delight and actually listens to our commands. I am actually proud to say that this very well behaved dog is mine. Andy has taught us how to be a good dog owners. Our deaf dog has learned so much from the training as well. She has calmed down a lot and understands the commands that we give her. We now know how important it is to continue to work with them so that they continue to be well behaved. Thanks so much Andy, it was great working with you—Kelli, Rick and Jennifer
Review added by Stuart Oltman (03-08-2011)
It’s hard to explain how happy Hilo and I are with our dog, Lucy. I particularly enjoy parading her around the Fountain Hills dog park where owners of unruly dogs marvel at Lucy’s obedience and how she seems to enjoy doing what I ask. I’ve given out your cards to those asking how I got these results, but most seem to think that classes at PetSmart are a better “deal”. Well, you do get what you pay for, don’t you? I ask them, if the classes were so good, how come your dog is still unruly? That’s obviously a rhetorical question. They’re all using harnesses with retractable leashes – reminds me of the Popiel Pocket Fisherman. Anyhow, thanks again for providing me with the foundation I needed to get my pooch under control. It’s now a pleasure to be with her.
Stu Oltman
Review added by HGO (12-19-2010)
Andy trained our dog, my husband and I in the past month. Fantastic job. In four training sessions, our dog went from uncontrollable to very easily managed, and we are incredibly pleased with the results. Andy gave us the tools we need to manage our dog and have the confidence to be around other animals. For example, our dog pulled terribly on the leash, and would bark and charge at other dogs when we walked her. Now, she does not do that at all. Andy had said he could eliminate pulling on the lease in five minutes, and he was true to his word. His training is effective and requires only that the owner practice what he teaches. Our dog loves him, and his methods are compassionate. Overall, we can give him a “A” rating, worth every penny of the cost.
Review added by Rebecca Williamson (05-31-2010)
Hi Andy and Don,
I had to send an email tonight to thank you again for what you did for Lucy. She is like a different dog! She has been playing tug-o-war with John on the floor, going for walks with him, and we all three took a nap together when we got home. (She was all tuckered out!) I ran out to the store and while I was gone, a census taker came to the door. John said she barked once or twice but when he told her no, she just sat on the couch and watched them talk. Before she would have been hiding under the table and would never have stopped barking. Honestly, it’s like you gave us back a different dog! It brings tears to my eyes to see how happy she is and how much more she is enjoying being with us.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Becky and John Williamson
Review added by Margie Meacham (11-04-2009)
Andy and his staff are very caring and committed trainers who really know what they are doing. Our beautiful dogs are now calm and polite, and they still have their joyful attitudes and loving hearts.
Clearly, they are doing something right. I would happily recommend any of their services.
Review added by Jeff Servoss (06-26-2009)
Andy the dog trainer is obviously an expert. We recommend him to anyone that wants a higher caliber of life with their companion dog. Learn to be the pack leader!
Review added by Leia Carrington (05-10-2009)
Hi Andy,
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the improvement in the dogs. Training them is so enjoyable! We are catching the little things, and correcting them right away, and for the first time I can really see the dogs, especially Jersey and Dakota, look at me as their leader.
During feeding Dakota used to growl the whole way through, and all of the dogs would whine and jump. Now we make them wait outside of the kitchen until we gave them the okay, and it was like a miracle. I also put Dakota in a down-stay and the phone rang and I forgot to give her the ok to get up and she didn’t budge, it’s wonderful! We have had several people come over today and yesterday. They are doing great with not charging the door and have not jumped on anyone even ONCE. They have not barked either. Usually the first hour someone was there, they would bark non-stop.
It’s truly amazing what you do, and I am so looking forward continuing the training with them. I did put my number down for a reference, and would be more than happy to tell anyone how wonderful the training was.
Review added by Karen (04-29-2009)
First, let me begin by introducing my dog Harley. I met Harley 3 months ago as a stray roaming the streets without a collar or an id chip. I wasn’t looking for a new addition to my family of 2 cats & a very small house, however he was a very promising dog … loving & intelligent. At 65 lbs. & an Akita/ Blond Lab mix I soon realized that I was out of my element (lover/aggressive sort of dog)… as I was used to rescuing & raising smaller breeds. I was immediately struck by his sense of love & protectiveness, however, he also had a very strong aggressive prey instinct for people & animals. I realized very quickly that he was going to be more than I could handle on my own. After extensive internet research, I fell upon the website of “A Canine Academy”. Based on the information that they offered me on their website, I felt comfortable with the type of program that they could offer Harley & I. I contacted JoAnn Bluth (trainer), who came to my house on a regular basis to conduct lessons for the two of us… It wasn’t easy … Harley had apparently spent 1 ½ years in solitude with little human interaction & no animal interaction. He would never go off on JoAnn, or I, however he was impossible to walk & attempted to attack strangers &dogs in my neighborhood… a typical “Code Red” dog … unpredictable, overly alert, intelligent and unreliable. Between JoAnn, Harley & I, we were able to get him to become a more stable dog, however there was always that fear that he would go off on my cats or on a person, as he had attempted to attack my gardener. It was at that point that JoAnn recommended more strict action. She recommended that I contact her partner, Andy Luper. Andy has had extensive experience in rehabilitating “difficult” dogs, such as Harley. I took him down to the Center for observation. It was recommended that I leave Harley at the Center for 3-4 weeks to undergo full rehabilitation that very day. Honestly, I was not prepared and a bit emotional about leaving my new friend with strangers, however I was left with little option except to leave him or turn him over to a dog shelter. Between Don Duston (lives on site and trainer) & Andy …they returned my dog 3 weeks later. I was nervous & a bit doubtful whether they could rehabilitate this dog to walk in public, greet other dogs, & not attack my cats. I can say without a doubt, that the dog that they delivered back to me was not in any way the aggressive, cunning dog that I had dropped off to them. It was an AMAZING transformation! Harley now walks at a heel, sits and waits for me as I let guests in the front door, doesn’t attack the cats, or other people or animals, & is entirely a changed dog. Maybe this sounds too good to be true, however … as a disbeliever myself, I am truly amazed at the transition. I am now working with Harley on a daily basis and with great pleasure walking & introducing him to strangers.
Review added by DA (02-27-2009)
Andy and Don took our newly adopted 2yr-old American Mastiff that no one else in town would help and made him a loving companion for our family and other dogs. If not for the wonderful staff at A Canine Academy we would probably not be able to keep what has become our most loyal and affectionate friend . No words can explain the gratitude we have, for the job they did, that many trainers in the valley said could not be done.
Review added by CYNDI MANCINI (02-20-2009)
Andy & Don did wonders with Greta. She was agressive and always barking, but she has calmed down. She still has her moments, but for the most part, she is so much better. I would recommend Andy & Don to anyone any time.
Review added by Caren Horensten (02-20-2009)
I have known Andy Luper of the Canine Academy for over a decade. He has always had the right answers and is someone I trust to do the best training of anyone I have ever known. Recently, once again I sought his wise counsel before making a decision on a new puppy and was given the best guidance for both my puppy and my family. I highly recommend Canine Academy. You will not be disappointed! Arizona is fortunate to have someone of his breadth and depth of experience!
Review added by Peggy Smith (02-19-2009)
A Canine Academy is THE BEST dog training I have ever encountered. Andy Luper and his crew of trainers have the expertise, patience, knowledge, and love for the dogs that is unmatched!! I can’t say enough good about this organization and the dogs they train!
Review added by N. Natale (03-25-2008)
They are really caring and helpful!!! They helped us with our older dog and now our new puppy. I would highly recommend their dog training!