Andy Luper – Credentials

Some of my satisfied clientele include the following:

Stevie Nicks – Fleetwood Mac
Garth Jax – Arizona Cardinal
Todd Pete – Arizona Cardinal
Garrison Hearst – Arizona Cardinal
Willie Williams – Arizona Cardinal
Richard Dumas – Phoenix Sun
Kurt Rambis – Phoenix Sun
Jerod Mustaff – Phoenix Sun
Walter Davis – Boston Celtic, former Phoenix Sun
Oliver Miller – Phoenix Sun
Bill Haywood – KFYI, AM Radio
Fred Burns – KOOL, FM Radio
Latty Coor – Former President, ASU
Dr. Art Mollen – Author, Columnist
Mr. Theison, Sr. & Mr. Thieson, Jr. – Former owners of Phoenix Motor Co.
Jerry Reinsdorf – Owner, Chicago Bulls & White Sox
Michael Lacey – Editor, New Times
Linda Brock – Linda Brock BMW
Robert Gosnell – Pointe Resorts builder

TV 15 – “What’s Up” Show
Mr. Hormel – CEO, Hormel Meats
“Sunstroke” USA Network – Jane Seymour
“Lethal Invasion” – NBC TV mini-series
“Fixing the Shadow” – Charlie Sheen
“Telling Secrets” – ABC TV – Cybill Shepherd/Michael Olin
John McCain – U.S. Senator
Toughboy Productions – “Trouble Bound”
Tapestry Films – “Kid”
Katy Productions – “Rescue 911″
Big House Productions – Nickelodeon
North Star Productions – “Desert Snow”
Farnum Pet Products – Product Label
Jamir Miller – Arizona Cardinal
IAMS Dog Food – Convention
Television Appearances:
News on Channels 3, 5, 10, 12, & 15
“Channel 3’s “Pets on Parade” 3X
Cable TV, PBS, & more

Radio Station Interviews:
Sun Sounds
Print Interviews:
Arizona Republic
Scottsdale Progress
Tempe Daily News
Mesa Tribune
Valley Lifestyle Magazine
AZ Veterinary
Hush Puppies
Taco Bell
Wrigley’s Gum
20/20 Eye Care
Bridgestone Tires
Diesel Jeans
Continental Homes
TV 12 Promo
SRP (2 times) & dozens of others!!

Andy Video Clips (click here)

The following are clips from various television appearances of Andy and his clients.

Garth Jax, former middle linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals, and his dog, Renegade.
Interview with Andy on Channel 3 concerning training.
Andy, on guard dog training, on Channel 5.
Andy, on dog aggression, on Channel 3.
Interview with Andy on Love Your Pet , concerning behavioral problems.
Interview with Andy on “Now and Then” with Ron Bellus, about dog training.
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